More articles now out in open stating dismal state of Indian economy

I always wondered whether I was the few ones who was being pessimist about Indian economy. I guess I am not alone. Slowly and surely, many blogs, articles and editorials are appearing in both offline and online world that suggest that all is not well. I am posting links below from various websites that support my earlier post. I will be adding articles and links as and when I get more of them.

1. Bleak future for BRICS, China only exception: Ruchir Sharma

2. India’s darkest hour – By Akash Prakash

3. Importer Nation – How a Billion Lives are being Destroyed

4. India’s economic decline

5. While we were silent

I have always felt that the current government’s policies and method of governance have a lot to do with the current situation.

I also agree with Mr. ‘s view on RBI and the present governor. I think RBI is the sole guardian of the currency at this point through its policies.



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